Can Cockatiels Eat Apples?

Have you ever asked yourself which food can you give to your cockatiels? Many who keep this bird as a pet have a challenge when it comes to what to feed their pets with.

Cockatiels can be fed with a wide variety of food. Their diet mainly consists of seeds and pellets. They also enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

As there are various types of fruits, many of us have a challenge on which type of fruit can we feed our cockatiels with.

So, can cockatiels eat apples? Of course, yes. Apples being one of the fruits, cockatiels enjoy munching it. It is nutritious hence beneficial to their health.

However, they should not be given the seeds and core as they may turn out to be toxic to the birds. They contain cyanide that may affect their liver and kidneys.

Can cockatiels eat apples

Can Cockatiels eat Apple Skin?

Cockatiels can eat apple skin, yes. They enjoy munching the skin of the apples. The skin contains the same nutrients as the flesh hence it is still beneficial to them.

If you plan to feed your birds with apples, you can chop them into small pieces without removing the skin and give them to the cockatiels.

Unlike other birds, the cockatiels enjoy the apple skin and it does not contain toxic substances that may affect the health of the cockatiels.

Seeds and core are the parts of an apple that may contain toxic substances hence they should be removed from the apple before being given to the cockatiels.

The apple skin cannot cause any issue to the cockatiels hence you can comfortably feed your birds with the pieces of apple containing the skin.

Are Apples Safe for Cockatiels?

When feeding our pets, the main important factor to consider before feeding them with anything is the safety of the pet.

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Are apples safe for cockatiels? Yes, they are safe. Apples are a healthy snack for the cockatiels. They contain a lot of nutrients which are important for cockatiels bodies.

They contain water in large percentage and when you feed your cockatiel with it, they may be able to hydrate hence avoiding dehydration issues even when you have not given them water.

Apart from water, it contains some elements of sugar, calories, proteins, carbs, fiber, and fats. The apples also contain carbohydrates which give the animals energy, fiber which assists in digestion, vitamin C which boosts immunity, and potassium which is important for their heart.

The only concern is the seeds and core which contain cyanide which is toxic. When fed to the cockatiels, it may affect their health.

Do Cockatiels Like Eating Apples?

Yes, cockatiels like and enjoy eating apples. They like eating fruits that are found throughout the year in our supermarkets and apple is one of them they also like it.

Apples offer a wide range of nutrients to cockatiels. It has a sweet fruity flavor that is liked by the cockatiels hence they like it.

They contain a lot of nutrients which are beneficial to the birds’ body. A large amount of water that it contains enables the birds not to be dehydrated even when there has not been given water.

The apples should be served in small manageable pieces to enable the cockatiels to have an easy time when feeding on them.

Are Apples Good for Cockatiels?

Yes, apples are good for cockatiels. They contain most of the nutrients that are needed by the birds’ bodies.

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100gram apple size contains 86% water, 0.3g proteins, 0.2g fats, 2.4g fiber, 10.4g sugar, 13.8g carbs. The highest percentage is water which is very essential for the cockatiels.

In addition to that, the apples also contain carbohydrates which give energy to the birds, fiber which assists in digestion, vitamin C which boosts immunity, and potassium which is good for their heart.

With the contents of apples in mind, they are good for cockatiels as they provide nearly all the essential nutrients that are needed by the bird.

Are Apples Healthy for Cockatiels?

Most fruits are healthy for cockatiels. Apples being one of the fruits, it is healthy for the cockatiels. They are a nutritious and tasty fruit that is liked by us hence the cockatiels also like them.

A medium-sized piece of an apple contains 86% water, 52 calories, 0.3g proteins, 13.8g carbs, 10.4g sugar, 2.4g fiber, and 0.2g fats.

They also contain carbohydrates, vitamin C, and potassium which are equally important in the cockatiels’ body.

The apples should be fed in small amounts as too much of it may cause digestive issues as apples to contain starch.

They are also rich in anti-oxidants. As the amount of anti-oxidants is high, feeding too many cockatiels with too much of it, it may make the cockatiel weak.

Both the flesh and the apple skin are healthy for the cockatiel. They both contain nutrients hence they can be given to the cockatiels.

The seeds and core should not be given to the cockatiels as they contain cyanide which is toxic to the cockatiels when consumed.

Are Apples Toxic to Cockatiels?

No, apples are not toxic. The flesh and skin are both nutritious and can be given to the cockatiels in small sizes.

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The only parts that are considered poisonous are the seeds and core. These two should be removed from the fruit before serving the cockatiels with the fruit.

The parts contain cyanide that may damage the liver and the kidney of the bird hence causing its death with time.

They are rich in anti-oxidants but do not contain toxic material. The presence of wax and pesticides can be toxic hence the apples should be thoroughly cleaned before giving them to the cockatiels to avoid any risk of the toxic substance.

Too much of something may turn out to be poisonous. The cockatiels should not be fed with apples every day. This may cause health issues to them. As apples contain starch, it may make them have a problem with digestion.

In Conclusion

Can cockatiels eat apples? Yes, they can eat apples. Apples are very nutritious and sweet and this makes them be liked by the cockatiels very much.

However, a lot of care has to be put in place. The apples should be washed, the seeds to be removed, and also the core before being served to the cockatiels.

Feed the cockatiels with pieces of apples that they can bite. You chop the apple into small pieces to make it easier for the birds to feed on them.

Do not serve the apples in large quantities or every day as they may cause health issues to the bird. The amount should be small just enough for the day.

Cockatiels need a balanced diet. Do not feed them with fruits alone. Include grains in their diet and other fruits which can be served as a salad to them.