5 Difference between Farm-Raised and Wild Salmon (With Table)

Fish is the main source of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids and many people all over the world use it. There are various types of fish and they all taste different although they provide the same nutrients.

Salmon is one type of fish. Most salmon fans just know how versatile the fish is. Salmon can be used to sprout up a variety of dishes.

However, recently there has been a debate between wild and farm-raised salmon. Farm-raised salmon is taking over the grocery stores and most people are becoming concerned.

So, what is the main difference between farm-raised salmon and wild salmon? Farm-raised salmons are grown in tanks and freshwater enclosures; they have different texture and nutrients because of the diet they are given while wild salmons are raised in the natural environment and they are not fed with any artificially made food.

For more information about the difference between farm-raised and wild salmon, continue reading the article. You will also get to learn more about their similarities.

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Difference between Farm-Raised and Wild Salmon

Comparison Table (Farm-Raised Salmon vs. Wild Salmon)

Basic Terms Farm-Raised Salmon Wild Salmon
Habitat They live in tanks and freshwater enclosures. They are caught in the Atlantic Ocean. They live in oceans and they are caught from the Pacific Ocean.
What they feed on They feed on commercially bought feeds. They feed on natural feeds in water.
Flavor It is more of fats and falls apart more easily and offers more mild fish flavor. It has a more robust salmon flavor and it is firm and less fatty.
Color They have orange in color. They have rich pink color.
Healthy benefits They are not healthier as they contain a lot of fats. They are healthy as they contain little fats.
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What is Farm-Raised Salmon?

Farm-raised salmons are the types of fish that are grown in tanks or enclosed freshwater. They are caught in the Atlantic Ocean and are raised in a controlled environment.

This makes farmed salmons be available throughout the year. It is also cheaper as compared to wild salmon as the wild salmon is only available within few months of the year.

They are fed on commercially bought feeds and this affects their texture, taste, and nutrients. Farmers feed their salmons on corn, grains and a compound found in it called astaxanthin makes its flesh turn orange.

Farm-raised salmons are higher in fats and this makes them fall apart more easily as you sink your fork into it and offer milder fish flavor.

What is Wild Salmon?

Wild salmon is a type of fish that is raised in natural environments. It is taken from water using nets, hand lines, divers, or traps.

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They are more difficult to get and this may make their prices to be higher. It is harvested from the Pacific Ocean exclusively during the summer months.

Wild salmon can be bought fresh during the months of June through September. For the rest of the months, it can be found but in frozen nature.

They naturally have a rich pink color that is contributed to by their diet. They feed on crustaceans, algae, and other sources that are rich in carotenoids.

They have a more robust salmon flavor and are often firmer and less fatty hence the better option as compared to farm-raised salmons.

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Main Differences between Farm-Raised Salmon and Wild Salmon

  1. Farm-raised salmons are found in tanks and freshwater enclosures while wild salmons are found in rivers, lakes, oceans, or seas.
  2. Farm-raised salmon has orange-colored flesh while wild salmons have rich pink-colored flash.
  3. Farm-raised salmons are fed on corn and grains while wild salmons feed on crustaceans and algae.
  4. Farm-raised salmons have more fats and they fall apart when you sink your fork in it while wild salmon has fewer fats and is firmer.
  5. Farm-raised salmon has a mild salmon flavor while wild salmon has a more robust salmon flavor.
  6. Farm-raised salmon is not healthier as it contains a high amount of fats while wild salmon is healthier as it contains less amount of fats.
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Similarities between Farm-Raised Salmon and Wild Salmon

  1. They both contain the same nutrients.
  2. They both have salmon flavor.
  3. They are both caught from oceans.


Farm-raised salmons and wild salmons are both types of fish that are mostly preferred by many people all over the world because of its taste.

The main difference between farm-raised salmons and wild salmons is that; Farm-raised salmons are caught from the Atlantic Ocean and raised in tanks or freshwater enclosures and fed with corn and grains.

On the other hand, wild salmons are caught from the Pacific Ocean during the summer season when they are ready to be harvested. They feed on crustaceans and algae found in water.

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