Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate?

Have you ever asked yourself what squirrels feed on? Many of us do not know what squirrels exactly feed on. However, when we keep them as pets, we need to know what they should be fed on.

Squirrels are wild animals and most people think squirrels only feed on nuts and seeds as that is what they have been seen eating most of the time.

Many people have been feeding the squirrels in their backyard with candies, cookies, and chocolates. The question is; are chocolates safe for squirrels?

So, can squirrels eat chocolate? Yes, they can eat chocolate but they do not need to be given. If given to them it should be in small amounts as too much of it can harm the squirrels.

Squirrels eat a variety of things but they focus more on plant matter. However, if you need to give them a treat you can serve them with fruits and peanut butter.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate

Do Squirrels Eat Chocolate?

Yes, they do eat chocolate when given to them. They enjoy every bit of delicacy. They find it tasty and may even snatch it from your hand.

As chocolate contains sugar, it gives squirrels energy to go around the whole day but many owners do not know whether it is good for squirrels or not.

Chocolate contains theobromine known to be harmful to mammals. The amount of toxin consumed varies with the type of chocolate and the amount consumed.

The effects of theobromine in chocolates include; diarrhea, trembling, excitement, hyperactivity, seizures, muscle tremor, abnormal heart rhythms, and even death.

Squirrels do eat chocolate but they should not be served with it as its impact on their body is negative.

Is Chocolate Safe for Squirrels?

No, it is not safe for squirrels. Chocolate contains toxic substances that can cause very traumatic effects to the squirrels.

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Chocolate contains theobromine which is a compound found in a variety of plants especially cocoa beans. The compound can poison the squirrels.

The squirrels may diarrhea, trembles, as it contains sugar it may make them be very active where they cannot be controlled.

Squirrels eat chocolate but they should not be served with it because of the adverse effects that it may cause to them.

Do Squirrels Like Chocolate?

Squirrels like chocolate as it is sugary and delicious to them. They love chocolate as much as they love nuts.

However, it should not be served to them as it contains theobromine which is a compound that when consumed in large amounts it can lead to death.

Although chocolates can be served to squirrels in very small amounts and not often to make the squirrels not consume large amounts of theobromine.

However, chocolates are not nutritious to squirrels. Instead of chocolates, other options like nuts or fruits should be offered to squirrels as a treat.

Is Chocolate Toxic for Squirrels?

Yes, it is toxic for squirrels. Chocolates contain a theobromine compound that is dangerous to squirrels and can even cause their death when consumed in large amounts.

The level of toxin varies, it depends on the type of chocolate consumed, amounts consumed, and the weight and size of the animal that consumed it.

For instance, an eastern grey squirrel weighs about 1.3albs, consuming 0.5mg of theobromine can poison them causing their death.

The symptoms vary and they consist of diarrhea, trembling, hyperactivity, excitement, muscle tremors, seizures, increased heart rate, and even death.

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Chocolates should completely be avoided for squirrels instead other food sources may be used.

Can Squirrels Eat Dark Chocolate?

Squirrels can eat dark chocolates but they should be served in very small amounts. The amount of theobromine in dark chocolates is very high.

In case you are serving your squirrel pet with dark chocolate, then you should be very keen on the amount to be served.

If it is served in very minimal amounts, then your squirrel pet may be fine. It should also not be served often. It should be once in a while.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate Covered Almonds?

No, squirrels should never be served with chocolate covered with almonds. Chocolate contains theobromine which is a poisonous compound to squirrels.

Almonds on the other hand they contain cyanide which can be quite harmful to the squirrels when they consume eat. It may even lead to their death.

Both chocolate and almonds contain poisonous elements hence when given to the squirrels the results may be tragic.

However, squirrels are known to be nut lovers but it depends on the type of nuts being served to them. Almonds should not be served to them.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Squirrels do not eat chocolate chip cookies but as they are known to feed on anything they find, they can feed on it if they find lying on their way.

Squirrels may be eying your cookies but to keep their health safe, you should not feed them with chocolate chip cookies.

It may cause more harm than good to them as the compound theobromine is still in the cookies and it can lead to their death if consumed in large amounts.

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So, yes, they can eat the chocolate chip cookies but they should not be served to them.

Can Squirrels Eat Chocolate Cake?

No, squirrels should not be served with any type of sweets. The chocolate cake contains some amount of sugar hence it should not be served to squirrels.

The squirrels’ diet should contain things that can be found naturally within their habitat. They should not be fed processed foods.

Nuts, berries, seeds, fungi, and plants can be found within their environment hence these ones can be served to them.

Chocolate cake can interfere with their digestive system messing up their health. They should just be fed with wild squirrel food.

How Much Chocolate Can Kill A Squirrel?

It takes 0.5mg of theobromine or 36g of a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar to kill squirrels very quickly like running in front of cars in the middle of the road.

Dark chocolate contains a high amount of theobromine and consuming a little of it can cause great harm to squirrels’ health very fast.

It depends on the amount of chocolate consumed and the size and weight of the squirrel that consumed it.

In Conclusion

Squirrels love chocolates as they love nuts or even more. If you own a squirrel as your pet do not serve it with chocolate as the theobromine contained in it may cause adverse effects to your pet.

When you want to offer your squirrel pet a treat then you can serve it with fruits or peanut butter. These ones will not cause harm to the squirrels.

Chocolates are not the only food that can be served as a treat to the squirrels. As there are other options then chocolates can be avoided at any cost.