10 Difference Between American and English Bulldogs (With Table)

What is the difference between American and English Bulldogs?

Bulldog is a type of dog that originated from the British Isles. The name bulldog came from their job as bull baiters and their robust and powerful builds like bulls.

They were transformed into prized pets when bull baiting was banned. They still maintain their strong determination and bravery but they are mainly house pets.

There are many types of bulldog breed but the common ones are the American and English bulldog.

The main difference between American bulldogs and English bulldogs is that American bulldogs are larger in size and have longer legs while English bulldogs have large, broadheads.

Difference Between American and English Bulldogs

Comparison Table (American vs English Bulldogs)

Characteristics American Bulldog English Bulldog
Size They are larger in size. They are comparatively smaller in size.
Appearance They are taller and have much less wrinkled faces. They are shorter and are mostly seen with wrinkles.
Legs They have longer legs They have shorter legs.
Weight They weigh about 120 pounds. They weigh about 50 pounds.
Another name They are also referred to as a working dogs. They are referred to as lap dogs.
Habitat They are more of outdoor dogs. They are more of indoor dogs.
Lifespan They live between 10 to 16 years. They live between 8 to 12 years.
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What is American Bulldog?

American bulldog came from English bulldog. They went to America with immigrants who brought their working dogs with them.

Initially, the dogs were used for many tasks such as stock dogs, catch dogs, and farm guardians. They are found in America hence the name American bulldog.

They are larger in body size, taller, and appear to have much fewer wrinkles on their faces. Their legs are longer which makes them good athletes.

American bulldogs are much more active hence they need to be given a lot of exercises for them to utilize the energy that they possess or else they may take the frustration into the house.

The breed is much healthier as they were bred to be working dogs. This made them adapt to harsh conditions and treatment.

The breed is fed on commercially manufactured feeds both dry and wet although the farmer may decide to feed its dog with much nutritional food.

What is an English Bulldog?

English bulldog originated from England. They were largely bred to be cute. This made them be more susceptible to diseases hence reducing their lifespan.

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They weigh 50 pounds, they will be seen with a flat face, but some of them have small muzzles as a result of poor breeding.

They come in many shades of colors and are registered by the American Kennel Club. They do well in a high-quality dog feed whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared. Some dogs are prone to getting overweight hence the number of calories in their diet should be watched.

They need less exercise as compared to American bulldogs. They only need to be taken around for a walk and that will be enough for them.

As they are small in size, they mostly prefer to stay indoors. They also have a tendency of laziness hence they do not like running all over the place

Main Differences between American and English Bulldog

  1. American bulldogs are larger in size while English bulldogs are comparatively smaller in body size.
  2. American bulldogs prefer staying outdoor while English bulldogs prefer indoors.
  3. American bulldogs need a lot of exercise while English bulldogs need a little exercise.
  4. American bulldogs are taller and have fewer wrinkles on their faces while English bulldogs are shorter and have more wrinkles on their faces.
  5. American bulldogs are long-legged while English bulldogs have shorter legs.
  6. American bulldogs are also referred to as working dogs as they were bred for that reason while English bulldogs are referred to as lap dogs as they were mainly bred for cuteness.
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Similarities between American and English Bulldog

  1. They both originated from an old English bulldog.
  2. They both require firm and consistent handling.
  3. Both tend to be friendly and eager to spend time with their masters.
  4. Both do well with children.
  5. Both tend to be bow-legged with broad chests.
  6. Both have wrinkles on their faces.
  7. They both need exercise.

In Conclusion

American and English bulldogs share most characteristics as they both originated from the old English bulldog. Both are friendly and tend to spend a lot of time with their masters.

However, the two are different from each other in that the American bulldog is large in body size while the English bulldog is comparatively smaller in body size. American bulldogs have longer legs and this makes them be taller as opposed to English bulldogs.

The main feature that makes American bulldog appear different from English bulldog is the size of their bodies.

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