7 Difference Between Animals and Birds with Table

What is the difference between animals and birds?

When we refer to animals, we include birds in the group. However, birds are different from animals. They both have an important role in the food cycle.

Birds and animals are both classified under the kingdom Animalia. Although they share some characteristics, they are different from each other.

The main difference between animals and birds is that animals have mouths while birds have beaks that they use to feed.

Difference Between Animals and Birds

Comparison Table (Animals vs Birds)

Characteristics Animals Birds
Feeding They have mouths that they use when feeding. They have beaks that they use to feed.
Movement They move on legs. They have wings that enable them to fly.
Skin Their skin is covered with fur and hair. Their skin is covered with feathers.
Reproduction They give birth to young ones while some animals lay eggs. They only lay eggs and incubate them till they hatch.
Metabolic rate They have a low metabolic rate. They have a high metabolic rate.
Pneumatic characteristics They have bone marrow within their bones. They have bone cavities that are filled with air.
Air sacs They do not have air sacs. They have air sacs.
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What Are Animals?

These are organisms that possess different organs for which they are used for different functions. There are various classes of animals and the organs are modified differently according to their use.

Some animals can walk and move on four limbs while others move on two limbs. Their bodies are mostly covered with fur and hair which makes them stay warm throughout.

Among the animals, some are big and others are small. Some are wild and others are domesticated and some feed on grass, some on meat, and some on both meat and grass.

Those animals that walk on four limbs, their spinal cord is horizontal to the ground and some animals use their tails to balance their walk or run.

Human beings make use of other animal species for food such as meat. Materials such as leather and wool, pets such as dogs, and working animals such as donkeys.

What Are Birds?

They are classified under the kingdom Animalia. Their bodies are covered with feathers and have wings that enable them to fly.

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They have hollow bones, unlike other animals which have bone marrow in their bones. Instead of bone marrow, they have air sacs. This makes them be light in order for them to lift their weight as they fly.

They have beaks which they use when feeding and also use them to feed their young ones. They prey on insects, fish, and meat from other organisms.

They are grouped according to what they feed on. Those that feed on insects, those that feed on fish, those that feed on nectar and their beaks are modified to feed on different food.

Some birds live and fly alone while some do it in groups. Some bird species make use of tools. Many species of birds migrate annually.

They are economically important as food for human consumption and raw materials to some industries. Birds such as parrots are kept as pets.

Main Differences between Animals and Birds

  1. Animals’ skin is covered with fur or hair while birds’ skin is covered with feathers.
  2. Animals have bone marrow within their bones while birds have hollow bones.
  3. Animals reproduce both by laying eggs and giving birth to young ones while birds only lay eggs.
  4. Animals use mouth to feed while birds use the beak to feed.
  5. Animals use their legs to move while birds use their wings to fly in order to move.
  6. Animals have a low metabolic rate while birds have a high metabolic rate.
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Similarities between Animals and Birds

  1. Both are warm-blooded.
  2. They both take care of their young ones.
  3. They both have backbones.

In Conclusion

Animals and birds share some characteristics but they differ both in physical appearance and behavior.

Animals have either fur or hair that covers their skin while birds have feathers that cover their skin. Animals move using their limbs while birds have wings that aid them in flying.

The main feature that makes animals different from birds is the presence of feathers on birds’ bodies and the presence of fur or hair on animals’ skin.

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