10 Difference Between Cougar and Panther (With Table)

Cougar and panther are two big cats in the family Felidae. They are both carnivores and found in some parts of the world. Their coloration is the most interesting feature they have.

The main difference between cougar and panthers is that the cougar is a distinctive species native to the Americas and panthers are distributed in Asia, Africa, and America.

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Comparison Table (Cougar vs Panther)

Characteristics Cougar Panther
Geographical location They are native to North and South America. Found in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
Genus Belongs to the Puma genus. Belongs to the Panthera genus.
Appearance They have tan to brown fur without spots. Dark brown to fur black fur with black spots that are not highly visible.
Habitat They mainly live in grasslands, forests, and mountains. Mainly live in forests, swampland, and grasslands.
Weight of adult male They weigh about 200 Ibs. They weigh about 350 Ibs.
Conservation They are the least concerned animals. They have threatened species.
Lifespan They live between 10-20 years. They live between 12-15 years.
Distinctive features They have powerful front arms, large hind paws, and muscular jaws. They have bright emerald green eyes.
Roar They do not have a terrifying roar. They have a terrifying roar.
Hind paw They have larger hind paws. They have smaller hind paws.
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What is Cougar?

Cougar is a native cat to South and North America. It is more similar to a domestic cat but larger than a domestic cat. It is the fourth biggest in the family Felidae and the second biggest in the Americas. They run very fast and are able to climb trees fast. They have slender bodies and are agile.

They prefer to live in grasslands but they may also inhabit other areas such as swamps, forests, mountains, and deserts. They have the ability to get adapted to any type of climate. They have a sharp sense of hearing and sight which makes them good hunters in the named habitats.

They prey on large mammals such as deer, elk, and moose. They live solitary lives and always try to avoid contact with human beings. Its lifespan is 20 years and can have 1-4 cubs, although the number of cubs depends on the availability of water, food, and environmental conditions.

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What is Panther?


It is one of the large cats found in Asia, the Americas, and Africa. It is not a distinct species; it is just one of the four wild cats. They are powerful carnivores with the ability to survive in different environments. They have a brown to black color with spots but are only visible when near because, of their dark color.

They have strong jaws that enable them to tear flesh. They have emerald green eyes which is the main feature that is used to distinguish them from other wild cats. Their hind legs are larger and longer than their front legs.

They are solitary and nocturnal. They live between 12 to 15 years. They have a terrifying roar compared to other wild cats.

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Main Difference between Cougar and Panther

  1. Cougars have tan to brown fur without spots while panthers have dark brown to black fur with spots that are visible when nearby.
  2. Cougars do not have a terrifying roar while panthers have a terrifying roar.
  3. Cougars mainly live in grasslands, forests, and mountains while panthers live in swamplands and grasslands.
  4. Cougars are always defined as a distinct species while panthers can be any of the big wild cats.
  5. The hind paws of cougars are larger than those of panthers.
  6. Cougars are the least concerned animals while panthers are threatened species.
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Similarities between Cougar and Panther

  1. They both belong to the family Felidae.
  2. They both have the ability to run and climb trees.
  3. They are both carnivores.

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In Conclusion

Both cougars and panthers are wild cats. Cougar is a distinctive species of cats while panthers are any of the wild cats. They are found in different parts of the world. The main feature that makes cougars appear different from panthers is their geographical location.

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