10 Difference Between Gecko and Lizard with Similarities

What is the difference between gecko and lizard?

Geckos and lizards look more similar. Although there are some features that make geckos be different from lizards. The term lizard can be used to mean more. They both belong to the same class reptile.

The main difference between a gecko and a lizard is that a gecko is a type of lizard. Geckos are nocturnal while lizards are diurnal.

Comparison Table (Gecko vs Lizard)

Characteristics Gecko Lizard
Classification They belong to infraorder Gekkota. Belong to suborder Lacertilia.
Geographical location They are typically found in warm climates throughout. They found all over the world except Antarctica.
Communication They hiss, crackle or chirp. They chirp at each other and have sharp eyesight.
Eyelids They do not have eyelids. They have eyelids.
Climbing They walk upside down on ceilings. They can climb up vertical surfaces.
Reproduction Most of them lay eggs between 4 to 5 pairs of eggs. They are oviparous.
What they feed on They feed on insects, beetles, moths, butterflies, crickets, and cockroaches. They feed on fruits, vegetation, insects, frogs, mice, and carrions.
Physical appearance They have thin skin with small bumps. They have dry and scaly skin.
Activity They are nocturnal. They are diurnal.
Lifespan They live between 5 to seven years. They live between 1 and 3 years.
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What is a Gecko?

Difference Between Gecko and Lizard

They are a type of lizards that belong to infraorder Gekkota. They are found in warm climates throughout the world. Most of them keep on licking their eyes for them to be clean and the do not blink. They do not have eyelids like other lizards but they have a membrane covering their eyes.

They chirp, hiss or crackle when communicating with others. They are nocturnal and hence they have good night vision. They are well known to people who live in warm climates. They usually like to hang around houses and trees in order to get accessed to insects.

The mating season is between May and August. The females lay between 4 to 5 pairs of eggs which have a brittle shell. The pair of eggs occurs between 2 and 4 weeks of each other.

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What is a Lizard?

Difference Between Gecko and Lizard

They are types of reptiles found all over the world apart from Antarctica. They range from the size of chameleons and geckos to the size of Komodo dragons.

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They have four limbs and they run from side-to-side motion. They are mostly carnivores; they wait for their prey. They are cold-blooded. They have scales, eyelids and their feet have claws that enable them to run up fences, rocks, and walls.

They rely on body language to communicate with each other. They use the head bob and tail flicking. They reproduce both sexually and asexually. They are oviparous animals. They lay their eggs and cover them with soil to hatch.

Main Differences between Gecko and Lizard

  1. Geckos belong to infraorder Gekkota while lizard belongs to suborder Lacertilia.
  2. Geckos are found in warm climates while lizards are found all over the world.
  3. Geckos communicate by hissing, crackling, or chirping while lizards communicate through chirping.
  4. Geckos do not have eyelids while lizards have eyelids.
  5. Geckos have thin skin with small bumps while lizards have dry and scaly skin.
  6. Geckos are not oviparous animals while lizards are oviparous animals.
  7. Geckos are nocturnal while lizards are diurnal animals.
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Similarities between Gecko and Lizard

  1. They both belong to the same class.
  2. They are both carnivores.
  3. They both reproduce both asexually and sexually.
  4. Both are cold-blooded animals.
  5. Both have species that are able to change color for camouflage.

In Conclusion

Both geckos and lizards are reptiles. They both are cold-blooded; they cannot change with the change in the climate. However, the two animals are different from each other. Geckos do not have eyelids and are vividly colored with translucent skin. The lizards have eyelids and have dry and scaly skin. The main feature that makes geckos appear different from lizards is the presence of eyelids in lizards.

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