7 Key Difference between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef with Table

What is the difference between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef?

Whatever animals are fed on, it really has an impact on the beef that comes out. The nutrients in the beef depend much on whatever food the cows are fed on. Cows can be fed on grass or grains.

Grass-fed beef is normally leaner. The cows are allowed to graze in pastures where they eat grass and clover. Grain-fed animals are put in pens and fed on soy and corn grains.

The main difference between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef is that grass-fed beef, is leaner and grain-fed beef is from an unnaturally obese creature that has been given antibiotics, hormones, and drugs.

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Difference between Grass Fed Beef and Grain Fed Beef

Comparison Table (Grass-Fed Beef vs Grain-Fed Beef)

Characteristics Grass-Fed Beef Grain Fed Beef
Meaning Refers to animals’ diet that includes more grass, herbs, flowers, clover, and other legumes. Refers to animals’ diets that include soy and corn grains.
Composition of fats It contains fewer fats but more omega 3 fatty acids. It contains more fats.
Nutrients It is more nutritious as it contains carotenoids, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants. It is less nutritious.
Healthy It is healthy as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which fight a lot of diseases. It is not healthy as it contains more fats.
Environmental effects Feeding animals on grass has no effect on the environment as the pasture does not need to be maintained with fertilizers and pesticides. It affects the environment whereby the production of soy and corn needs fertilizers and pesticides.
Cost It is cheaper to feed cows on pasture. It is costly to buy the feeds.
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What is Grass-Fed Beef?

The grass-fed animal is the animal whose diet includes more grass, herbs, flowers, clover, and other legumes. All these are considered as pasture.

Grass-fed beef is more nutritious. It is leaner and also contains low fats but high in omega 3 fatty acids which are health benefits to the body as it fights many diseases.

Plants manufacture their own food by the use of light energy and have antioxidants that protect them from UV rays, diseases, and premature aging. The pasture is digested by cows and nutrients accumulate in fats and the same transferred to humans when they eat meat.

Animals that entirely feed on grass make the environment better. Pasture does not need fertilizers and pesticides to grow. This reduces the number of carbon emissions in the air making the environment better. It also increases fertility in the soil.

As compared to grain-fed animals, it is cheap to feed animals on pasture as it is readily available nearly everywhere as compared to grains.

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What is Grain Fed Beef?

These are animals that are fed on entirely grains. They are fed on soy and corn. They are typically fattened with grain-based feeds.

Their diet is supplemented with a small amount of dry grass. To maximize the growth of grain-based animals, some antibiotics and growth hormones are added to their bodies.

The meat from grain-fed animals is less healthy as it contains a lot of fats because the animals are given feeds that make them grow fast hence having high amounts of fats in their bodies which is not healthy.

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Main Differences between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain Fed Beef

  1. Grass-fed beef feeds on pasture while grain-fed beef feeds on grains.
  2. Grass-fed beef has fewer fats but rich in omega 3 fatty acids while grass fed beef has a high-fat content.
  3. Grass-fed beef is highly nutritious while grain-fed beef is less nutritious.
  4. Grass-fed beef has a positive impact on the environment while grain-fed beef has a negative impact on the environment.
  5. Grass-fed beef is cheaper to get the pasture while grain-fed beef is highly costly to get the industrially manufactured feeds.
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Similarities between Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef

  1. Both animals are herbivores.
  2. They both produce beef.
  3. The beef contains more similar nutrients.
  4. A lot of beef intake may cause similar diseases.

In Conclusion

Grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef are both end products from cows. The meat will have different tastes according to what the animals consume. Animals that consume pasture will have highly nutritious meat as compared to animals that are fed on grains.

The main feature that makes grass-fed beef to be different from grain-fed beef is what they are fed on.

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