8 Difference Between Pixie Frog and Pacman Frog with Pictures

What is the difference between the Pixie frog and the Pacman frog?

Frogs can be kept as pets but the most challenging thing is which is the best type to be kept as a pet. Both pixie and Pacman frogs are good to be kept but they have different characteristics that may at times confuse many people.

The main difference between pixie frog and Pacman frog is that pixie frogs are larger in body size while Pacman frogs are comparatively smaller in body size.

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Comparison Table (Pixie Frog Vs Pacman Frog)

Characteristics Pixie frog Pacman frog
Size They are larger. They are comparatively smaller.
Geographical location They are found in Africa. They are found in South America.
Color They have a neutral olive-green color with a yellow belly. Their color ranges from green to brown and has yellow or brown blotches.
Weight They can weigh up to 1.81 kg. They can weigh up to 0.5 kg.
Behavior They are more aggressive and are easy to handle. They are lazy and they may weight for food to be brought to them instead of hunting.
Enclosure requirements As they move around and grow bigger, they need larger housing. They do not grow big and do not move around that much.
Maintenance They need high maintenance as they like to swim. It is easier to maintain them.
Lifespan They may live between 10 to 20 years. They may live between 7 to 10 years.
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What Is Pixie Frog?


Difference Between Pixie Frog and Pacman Frog

It is also called an African bullfrog. It is native to Africa. Its natural habitat is dry savannah, moist savannah, intermittent freshwater lakes, and marshes. It is among the largest frogs with males weighing up to 1.4 kgs. The females are half the size of males.

It is a carnivore. It feeds on insects, small rodents, reptiles, small birds, and other amphibians. The males are known for eating the tadpoles. They emit loud sounds when they are stressed. They bite humans when provoked.

It breeds after heavy rains. The male mates with the females, then the females lay up to 300 eggs. After they hatch, they start feeding on vegetation the second day. During the development, the males guard the tadpoles.

What Is Pacman Frog?

Difference Between Pixie Frog and Pacman Frog

They are frogs that are native to South America. They have around the large body with a large stomach and mouth. They are not handled unless it is very necessary. They have sensitive skin and this may make them sense from a distance. They have a strong bite and can hold on to their prey for long.

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They are carnivores and their appetite is fierce. They feed on crickets, roaches, worms, grasshoppers, and fish. They need a small area to be housed as they do not move around much and they do not grow to a very large size.

The male’s mate with the females then the females lay eggs. After they have hatched, the males will guard the females but sometimes they may feed on them.

Main Differences between Pixie frog and Pacman frog

  1. Pixie frogs are bigger while Pacman frogs are comparatively smaller.
  2. Pixie frogs are native to Africa while Pacman frogs are native to South America.
  3. Pixie frogs weigh up to 1.8 kg while Pacman frogs weigh up 0.5 kg.
  4. Pixie frogs have olive-green color while Pacman frogs have color that ranges from green to brown.
  5. Pixie frogs are more aggressive while Pacman frogs are lazy.

Similarities Between Pixie Frog and Pacman Frog

  1. They both live under the same habitats.
  2. They are both carnivores.
  3. They are kept under the same temperature and humidity.
  4. They are both nocturnal.
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In Conclusion

Both Pixie and Pacman frogs are easy to take care of. If taken care of well as pets, they will grow into large frogs. Pixie frogs are more aggressive as compared to the Pacman frog which is lazy and may want to be brought for food instead of hunting for food by themselves. The main feature that makes the pixie frog be different from the Pacman frog is the size.

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