10 Difference between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus (With Table)

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles that have common ancestors to dinosaurian. These creatures first appear some million years ago but the exact origin and evolution time is subject to active research.

These contemporary organisms comprise different animals based on taxonomic, morphological, and ecological standpoints.

Examples of dinosaurs are triceratops, tyrannosaurus, spinosaurus, allosaurus, Paleolithic, Neolithic, and giganotosaurus among many others.

So, what is the main difference between triceratops and tyrannosaurus is that triceratops are herbivores while tyrannosaurus is predators (carnivores).

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Comparison Table between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus

Basic Terms Triceratops Tyrannosaurus
Feeding Mode Herbivorous Carnivorous
Location South Dakota The United States and Canada
Movement Quadruped Bipedal
Body length Measure about 7.9 – 9 m Measure about 12 m and above
Bodyweight Weigh about 6-12 tons Weight about 6-9 tons
Year of Discovery 1887 1874
Lifespan Similar to mammals or reptiles About 30 years
Era Late Cretaceous period Upper Cretaceous Period
Family Ceratopsidae Tyrannosauridae
Order Ornithischia Saurischia

What Are Triceratops?

Triceratops are popular dinosaurs in the era of the late cretaceous period. These creatures were known to be herbivorous with a lifespan similar to that of mammals or reptiles.

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The organism tends to weigh about 6-12 tons and they have an average length of 7.9-9 meters. The head skull is one-third of its body length.

Besides that, the creature had very dangerous forward-facing horns and a small protrusion at the end of the snout.

Triceratops tend to be quite short which increases mobility and speed. The numerous sharp teeth and sturdy bodies make them be quite powerful.

What Are Tyrannosaurus?

Tyrannosaurus is a common dinosaur in the upper cretaceous period. These organisms are known to be carnivorous and have a lifespan of about 30 years.

The average body weight of tyrannosaurus is about 6-9 tons and has a body length of around 12 meters. They have powerful legs and sharp teeth for predation.

The most interesting thing is that the creatures have a well-developed sense of smell and vision. The bipedal posture and powerful tail enable them to move quickly.

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Main Difference between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus

  1. Triceratops are herbivores while tyrannosaurus are omnivores
  2. Triceratops are quadruped while tyrannosaurus are bipedal
  3. Triceratops was found in South Dakota while tyrannosaurus was found in the United States and Canada
  4. The bodyweight of triceratops range between 6-12 tons while that of tyrannosaurus range between 6-9 tons
  5. The body length of triceratops is about 7.9-9 meters whereas that of tyrannosaurus is around 12 meters and above
  6. Tyrannosaurus has a lifespan of about 30 years while that of triceratops is still under active research
  7. Triceratops was discovered in 1887 while tyrannosaurus was discovered in 1874
  8. The era of triceratops is the late cretaceous period whereas that of tyrannosaurus is the upper cretaceous period.
  9. The family of triceratops is Ceratopsidae whereas that of tyrannosaurus is Tyrannosauridae
  10. The order of tyrannosaurus is Saurischia while that of triceratops is Ornithischia

Similarities between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus

  1. Both are contemporaries dinosaurs
  2. Both were found in the United States
  3. Both are popular in the culture of battling
  4. Both belong to Reptilia class and kingdom Animalia
  5. Both belong to the era of the cretaceous period
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Comparison Video

Frequently Asked Questions: Triceratops vs Tyrannosaurus

  • Can a Triceratops Kill at Rex?

Absolutely. The short size and bulkier nature give them the upper hand over tyrannosaurus during a battle. They are quite strong such that the powerful sharp teeth of Rex cannot bite through their skin.

  • Did Triceratops and T Rex Live at the Same Time?

Yes. Both lived in the same era of the Cretaceous and the same place in North America. The fossil records show that triceratops lived in the later Cretaceous period while T.Rex lived in the upper cretaceous period.

  • How Long Can A Triceratops Live?

The exact time is still under active research. But it is believed that creatures have the same lifespan as some mammals or reptiles.


The triceratops is herbivores whereas tyrannosaurs are carnivores. But there is still debate whether tyrannosaurs were real predators or scavengers. Triceratops are quite strong and they have the power to kill tyrannosaurs.

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