11 Difference Between Wolf and Husky (With Table)

What is the difference between Wolf and Husky?

Most people believe that the domesticated dog descended from wolves. Husky is a general term used for sled dogs.

Wolf and husky are often confused with one another. Although they possess some similar characteristics, they are also different from one another.

The main difference between wolf and husky is that wolf is much larger and holds the title of the largest animal in the canine family while husky is just a large dog.

Difference Between Wolf and Husky

Comparison Table (Wolf vs Husky)

Characteristics Wolf Husky
Size They are much larger. They are comparatively small.
Eyes They have yellow eyes. They have bright blue eyes.
Fur They have light fur. They have thick fur.
Fur color They either have gray or white fur. They take a multitude of fur colors.
Habitat They can survive in a variety of climates. They cannot survive in hot climates.
Domestication They cannot be domesticated. They can be kept as pets.
Hunting They are hunted hence need protection. They are not hunted.
Geographical location They are found in the USA, Canada, Eurasia, and Africa. They are found worldwide.
Legs They have much longer legs. They have comparatively shorter legs.
Head They have a larger heads. They have a smaller heads.
Lifespan They live between 6 to 8 years in the wild. They live between 12 to 14 years.
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What is a Wolf?

Wolf is the largest animal in the canine family. It is mostly found in the USA, Eurasia, Canada, and Africa. It is adapted to living in various types of climate ranging from mountainous to very cold areas.

There are two types of wolves. The gray and the white wolf.  There are about 38 subspecies of wolves and are commonly named according to the area where they are found.

They have much longer legs which enable them to make bigger strides and to run much longer distances when they are hunting.

As they have high temperaments, they cannot be domesticated. They prefer living in the wilderness. They need protection in the wild as they are hunted and this may to extinct if not protected.

The conditions in the wild make them not live long. They live between 6 to 8 years.

They are carnivores. They entirely depend on meat for survival. They prefer to eat large hoofed mammals such as deer, elk, moose, and bison.

They reproduce one litter of pups per year. Mating occurs between January and March. The females take care of the young ones to between 1 to 2 years where they are left to find their own pack.

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What is a Husky?

Husky is an animal in the canine family. It is much smaller as compared to the wolf. It is found all over the world.

It is thought to have been bred from other canine animals like wolves. The reason for its breeding was to pull lighter loads over vast lands at fast speed.

There are many types of huskies. These include; Siberian husky, Greenland, Mackenzie, River, Sakhalin, and Alaskan Malamute.

They can be kept at home as pets as they have even temperament. As they have thick fur, they cannot live in hot areas. They prefer cold areas as the thick fur may protect them from the cold.

They are not hunted for and this makes their population be high hence found all over the world. They feature folklore as they are easily found.

As they are domesticated, they can be fed on dry or wet commercial food but many farmers feed their dogs with more nutritional and healthier food like raw chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and fruits.

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Main Differences between Wolf and Husky

  1. Wolf is larger while husky is comparatively smaller in body size.
  2. Wolf cannot be domesticated while husky can be domesticated.
  3. Wolf have longer legs while huskies have comparatively shorter legs.
  4. Wolf has yellowish eyes while huskies have bright blue eyes.
  5. Wolfs’ fur color is either gray or white while huskies’ fur color comes in a lot of varieties.
  6. Wolf has lighter fur while husky has thick fur.

Similarities between Wolf and Husky

  1. They both belong to the same family.
  2. They are both carnivores.
  3. They both have similarly shaped heads.
  4. They both have an undercoat which insulates them.

In Conclusion

Wolf and husky belong to the same family. They share some characteristics but they also are different from each other on a keen look.

Wolf is much larger and considered to be the largest in the canine family while husky is just large but in comparison to the wolf, it appears small. Wolf has yellowish eyes while husky has bright blue eyes.

The main feature that makes wolves different from husky is the size of their bodies.

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