4 Top Differences Between German And American Rottweilers with Table

What is the difference between German and American rottweilers?

German and American Rottweilers are breeds of dogs. Looking at rottweiler is just awesome as the dog is powerful-looking and so compelling.

The dog is loving and very devoted and this makes it an impressive breed to keep. The two breeds have often been confused although they are different from each other.

The main difference between German and American Rottweiler is that they have different standards under which they are bred. Actually, the main difference is the bloodlines.

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Differences Between German And American Rottweilers

Comparison Table (German vs American Rottweilers)

Characteristics German Rottweiler American Rottweiler
Origin They originate from German. They originate from America.
Clubs The German club has very strict rules on the dogs being bred. Their rules are less strict.
Tails They have very long tails. They have short tails as their tails are docked.
Size They have long-sized bodies. They have short bodies.
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What is German Rottweiler?

German rottweiler is a breed specifically born in German. It is a breed of domestic dog. They are bred under the club The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub which has very strict rules for the breed.

They need their dogs to be well suited in assisting their human companions. Their personality should be mild and calm.

They train the dog to be compatible in order for it to be used as a companion dog. They also become guide dogs, security dogs, working and family dogs.

If the dogs have docked tails, they will not be considered German rottweilers. The tail is removed surgically by scissors or by using the special band to cut off the blood flow.

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What is American Rottweiler?

American rottweiler is a breed of dog whose origin is based in America. The breed was born in America. The club in America for registering dogs is known as the American kennel club.

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The club does not have very strict rules as The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub. The AKC allows docking of the tails where the ADRK does not allow.

However, the other rules are more of the same. The club allows the dogs to be compatible in order to be used as companion dogs.

This leads to the club training the temperament of the dogs in order for them to be calm and mild as they need to be used by human beings in so many areas.

The AKC allows small-sized dogs to be registered. When the dogs are bred well, they make a good working dog for human beings.

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Main Differences between German and American Rottweiler

  1. German rottweilers are born in German while American rottweilers are born in America.
  2. German rottweilers are bred under strict rules while American Rottweilers are bred under less strict rules.
  3. German rottweilers do not have docked tails while American rottweilers have docked tails.
  4. The ADRK does not allow registration of small dogs while AKC allows registration of small dogs.
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Similarities between German and American Rottweiler

  1. Both dogs are bred under strict rules.
  2. Both species originated from Rome.
  3. They are both hardy breeds with a sweet disposition that when bred they make a great working dog.
  4. They are both kept as pets.

In Conclusion

Rottweiler is a breed of dog that originated first from Rome. German and American rottweiler become different depending on where they are born.

The breed shares a lot hence it becomes difficult to differentiate the two. However, the two are different from each other.

German rottweiler is a species that have long tails as their club does not allow docking of their tails while American rottweiler has short tails as they allow docking.

The main feature that makes German rottweiler be different from American rottweiler is where they are born.

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