9 Differences Between Korat and Russian Blue with Table

What is the difference between Korat and Russian Blue?

In recent years, many people have started keeping cats as pets. Every cat has its own unique characteristics and traits.

There are several breeds of cats all over the world. Korat and Russian blue breeds are among the popular breeds in the world.

When one looks at them, they appear to look similar but there are some distinguishing characteristics that make them appear different from each other.

The main difference between Korat and Russian blue is their nature. Korat is more playful and more fun-loving while Russian blue is calmer and more sensitive.

Differences Between Korat and Russian Blue

Comparison Table (Korat vs Russian Blue)

Characteristics Korat Russian blue
Nature It is more playful and fun-loving. It is calmer and more sensitive.
Color It is more of gunmetal colored grey. It is more of a bluish blackish cat.
Shape of face It has a heart-shaped face. It has a wedge-shaped face.
Origin It originated from Thailand. It originated from Arkhangelsk.
Habitat Jungle and wild. Cold climate.
Fur coat They have a single coat with nearly no undercoat. They have a double coat with a thick undercoat.
Eyes They are peridot green in color. They are emerald green in color.
Physical appearance They are stouter and heavier. They are regular-sized cats with no fats but have muscles.
Lifespan It lives between 10 to 15 years. It lives between 15 to 20 years.
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What is a Korat?

Korat cats originated in Thailand. They are thought to be of good luck in Thailand. They are used as superstitions and mysteries in their homeland. Due to this, they are rarely purchased, they are given as gifts to others.

They have beautiful green eyes that are amber with greenish hues. Their faces are heart-shaped and they have medium-sized tails that are rounded at the end.

They are a unique breed and are mostly used for crossbreeding. This is because they have affectionate nature and dominant traits which are admired by many.

They have curious personalities hence the owner of the cat needs to frequently engage it with toys for it to be busy.

They are also confident and social and this makes them the best for guests. It should be kept indoors as it may contact diseases if allowed to be outside often.

What is a Russian Blue?

Russian blue breed is believed to have originated from Archangel and made their way to Northern Europe via ship in the mid-1800s.

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They are popular and are well known for their silky bluish-grey coat. They have emerald green eyes and they do not shed much of their hair.

Their paws are mauve and this makes them different from other domestic cats as their paws are grey. They possess thick double coat fur which has both short denser coats and long coats.

Their body feels like a velvet cloth. They are tidy and very sensitive. They take time to adjust to a new environment. When their routine is changed, they are affected hence changing in the routine should gradual.

They are mostly quiet and timid breeds. A lot of time has to be given to them so that they may get used to new people.

Main Differences between Korat and Russian Blue

  1. Korat is stouter and heavier while Russian blue has little or no fat on their bodies but has muscles.
  2. Korat has peridot green eyes while Russian blue has beautiful emerald green eyes.
  3. Korat has the color of gunmetal while Russian blue is more of a bluish blackish cat.
  4. Korat has a single coat with nearly no undercoat while Russian blue has a double coat with a thick undercoat.
  5. Korat is notorious and playful in nature while Russian blue is well behaved and sensitive cat.
  6. Korat is more of a jungle cat and stays active throughout the day while Russian blue is more of a cold climate cat and very calm and composed in nature.
  7. Korat has a heart-shaped face while Russian blue has a wedge-shaped face.
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Similarities between Korat and Russian Blue

  1. They are both intelligent cats.
  2. They both have shiny grey coats.
  3. They both have green eyes.

In Conclusion

Korat and Russian blue are cat breeds that are difficult to distinguish. They have similar characteristics and traits that make them difficult to be distinguished. One has to have a close look at them in order to distinguish them.

Korat originated from Thailand and is used as a symbol of good luck in Thailand hence they are not sold to people instead they are gifted. Russian blue originated in Archangel Isle and it is very rare to find the breed.

The main feature that makes Korat be different from Russian blue is its nature. Korat is very playful and notorious and it also likes fun. Russian blue is a calm and sensitive cat.

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