Wolf Vs Wolverine: 14 Crucial Differences & Similarities

Wolves and wolverine have some close similarities. It is the reason behind the confusion among many people.

So, what is the main difference between wolf and wolverine? A wolf is the largest canid common in forest areas while the wolverine is the largest weasel common in arctic places like the northern hemisphere.

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Comparison Table (Wolf vs Wolverine)

Basic Terms Wolf Wolverine
Definition It is the largest canid It is the largest weasel
Family Canidae Mustelidae
Location North America, North Africa, and Eurasia Northern Canada, North America, Siberia, Mongolia, and China
Native Habitat Forest Areas Colder Areas
Lifestyle Live in packs Live in segregation
Social Behavior Do not attack each other Tend to attack each other
Body Structure Tall Stockier
Unique Features Longer legs and pricked ears Shorter legs, round head, neck, and ears
Fur Color Black, brown, white, grey, beige and reddish Black to dark brown
General Size 41-63 in length

32-34 shoulder height

40-175 lbs weight

25-34 inches in length

7-10 inches height

22-55 lbs weight

Hunting Style Chase down the prey and hunt it. Tend to scavenge. Hence mainly feed on leftovers
Speed of Running Fast Slowly
Gestation Period 62-75 days 30-50 days
Number of Pups 5-6 pups 2-3 pups

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What Is a Wolf?

This is a wild carnivorous mammal that belongs to the Canidae family. These mammals are quite common in North America, North Africa, and Eurasia.

These creatures hunt and live in packs. The good news is that they are physically fit when it comes to hunting down prey.

The color of the fur highly depends on the habitat. But they most love living in forest areas due to their camouflaging features.

What Is a Wolverine?

This is a dark brown wild animal with shaggy fur and it normally looks like a bear. It belongs to the family of Mustelidae.

The native habitat of the wolverine is the forest of North America and the Northern part of Canada. These creatures tend to live in segregation and they survive through scavenging.

The large paws and short legs enable them to move smoothly in snow areas. The fur tends to be black to dark brown in color and oily.


Main Differences between Wolf and Wolverine

  1. Wolf tend to live in packs while wolverine tend to live in segregation
  2. Wolf hunt by chasing the prey whereas wolverines tend to feed on leftovers
  3. Wolf run faster than wolverine
  4. Wolf has a long body structure while wolverine has a stockier body
  5. Wolf is mainly found in forest areas while wolverine is found in cold areas
  6. Wolf do not attack each other in the pack while wolverine tend to attack each other for space
  7. The gestation period for a female wolf is about 62-75 days while that of the female wolverine is about 30-50 days
  8. Wolf gives birth to about 5-6 pups while wolverine gives birth to about 2-3 pups.
  9. Wolf belongs to Canidae family while wolverine belongs to Mustelidae family
  10. Wolf live in North America, North Africa, and Eurasia while wolverines live in isolated regions like Alaska, Scandinavia, Siberia, and Mongolia

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Similarities between Wolf and Wolverine

  1. Both are carnivorous mammals
  2. Both have the largest family
  3. Both have fur all over their bodies
  4. Both live in cold areas

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Wolf Vs Wolverine FAQs

Can a Wolverine Kill a Wolf?

Not Really. Wolves are the only animals that tend to kill wolverines. Keep in mind wolverine tends to scavenge on wolf kills and this increases the risk of being attacked.

Do Wolves Eat Wolverines?

Absolutely. Wolves are among the carnivores that kill wolverines apart from bears. Wolves have sharp claws that can hunt down a wolverine.

Why are Wolverines So Aggressive?

Wolverine has a lot of strength. Besides that, they are violent creatures. They normally attack each other for space. Keep in mind that they are also aggressive when they are hungry.

Who Would Win Wolf or Wolverine?

All votes go to wolverine. These creatures have the strength and power to suffocate the prey. Keep in mind that wolverine cannot kill a gray wolf since it is larger in size.

Comparison Video


The core difference between wolverine and wolf is that wolverine is weasel whereas wolves are canid. Both are carnivorous and they belong to the largest families.

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