10 Difference between Cobwebs and Spider Webs (With Table)

A lot of people love traveling around the world leaving behind their houses with nobody. This results in intruders invading their homes while they are away for a couple of days or months. Examples of these intruders are insects, mice, termites, and rats among many others.

These creatures force the owner to hire a cleaning company to offer their services after coming from their trip. Spiders tend to set up hunting traps for their prey and you will find the whole house webbed. These traps tend to be quite disgusting since some are abandoned by these creatures.

So, What Is the difference between cobwebs and spider webs? Cobwebs are types of webs that are old and abandoned while spider webs are existing new webs that spiders use to trap prey.

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Comparison Table between Cobwebs and Spider Webs 

Basic Terms Cobwebs Spider Webs
Meaning These are types of webs that exist for a long period and they have become old These are recently developed webs used by spiders for hunting
Occupation Abandon webs Occupied by spiders
Appearance Tend to be dusty Tend to be elegant and sophisticated
Linguistics English speaking countries Countries under the influence of English speaking countries
Types Spiral orb webs, Tangle webs, Funnel webs, Tubular webs, and Sheet webs. Funnel webs
Origin Coppe Spider
Other meaning Place where no spider live Place where spider live
Production Theridiidae family of spiders Linyphiidae family of spiders
Texture of silk Tend to be weak Tend to be quite strong
Occurrence Seasonal Frequently
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What Are Cobwebs?

Cobwebs are those webs that have been abandoned by spiders. They are normally dusty and irregular in appearance. The silk used in making the web weak since it is old. It is a clear indication that spiders no longer live around it.

The family of spiders responsible for making cobwebs is Theridiidae. The term originated from old English coppe and it is commonly used by English speaking countries.

What Are Spider Webs?

Spider webs are that active web recently made by these creepy creatures. It acts as the point where spiders hunt for food. They have an elegant and sophisticated appearance. The silk used to make the web tends to be quite strong for hunting.

The active nature is a clear indication that spiders live around it. The family of spiders responsible for making spider webs is Linyphiidae. The term originated from spider and it is commonly used by countries under the influence of English-speaking countries.

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Main Differences between Cobwebs and Spider Webs In Point Form

  1. Cobwebs are old webs while spider webs are recently made webs.
  2. Cobwebs have been abandoned while spider webs are active
  3. Cobwebs are dusty while spider webs are elegant and sophisticated
  4. Cobwebs originate from old English coppe while spider webs originate from spider
  5. Spider webs are places where spiders live while cobwebs are places where no spiders live
  6. The silk texture of cobwebs is weak while that of spider webs is stronger
  7. Spider webs occur frequently while cobwebs are seasonal in occurrence
  8. Cobwebs are commonly used by English speaking countries while spider webs by countries influenced by English speaking countries
  9. Cobwebs are produced by the Theridiidae family of spiders while spider webs are produced by the Linyphiidae family of spider
  10. Cobwebs are grouped into funnel webs, tangled webs, sheet webs, and tubular webs while spider webs are only termed funnel webs.
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The core difference is that spider webs are occupied by spiders while cobwebs are unoccupied webs. Cobwebs tend to be abandoned by these creepy creatures and this makes them weak as well as dusty. Spider webs are new hunting grounds for spiders and this is the reason why they are ever active.

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