8 Major Difference Between Cod and Pollock with Table

What is the difference between cod and pollock?

Cod and pollock are one of the well-known fish in the world. Most people lie fish because of its low-fat content. Fish also contain other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins but mainly it is highly rich in proteins. People like cod for their white flaky meat and incredible taste. It is not easy for people to tell difference between cod and pollock.

The main difference between cod and pollock is that cod is comparatively larger while pollock is smaller in body size.

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Difference Between Cod and Pollock

Comparison Table (Cod vs Pollock)

Characteristics Cod Pollock
Size They are comparatively large. They are smaller in body size.
Body-color They are brown or greyish with dark spots. They are speckled with yellow spots.
Fins The white around the edges. They have more pronounced fins.
Tail They have a few thick tails. They have narrower tails.
Health It is known for the extraction of cod liver oil which is rich in omega 3. It is not known for the extraction of any oil.
Lateral It is light. It is darker.
Reproduction age They reproduce at the age of 4 or 5 years. They reproduce at the age of 3 or 4 years.
Lifespan They live between 18 to 20 years. They live for 12 years.
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What is Cod?

Codfish prefer deep and cool waters. Its flesh is white in color. It is available in fillets. The texture of the flesh is flaky and dense.

It is brown or greyish with dark spots in color. The underbelly is white in color. It has three round dorsal fins and two anal fins. Its upper jaw extends to the lower jaw.

It feeds on different fish and other small invertebrates found at the bottom of the sea and lakes. Sometimes they come out of the deep part to feed on other small invertebrates on the shallow ends of the sea.

It is most valued for its cod liver oil which is processed from its liver and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

When consumed, it contains many nutritional values. It is highly rich in proteins but also contains other minerals, vitamin A, D, E, phosphorus. It has little fat content.

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Cod in the diet lowers the chances of coronary heart illnesses because of its good supply of blood-thinning omega 3 fatty acids. It also helps to stop vein thrombosis.

What is Pollock?

It is a fish typically found in the chilly oceans of the world. It is categorized into various categories. They include; Atlantic pollock, Alaska pollock, and the Norwegian pollock.

As it contains low-fat content, it is the best when watching your weight. It is less preferred as compared to cod.

It can be vulnerable to parasitic worms in its uncooked state. When processed, it could include dangerous components hence you need to learn the components of the packed fish.

It has a gentle taste and delicate texture which make it a good substitute for crab meat. It is also healthy as it can combat coronary heart illnesses and regulate blood sugar in the body.

Main Differences between Cod and Pollock

  1. Codfish are comparatively larger in body size while pollock are smaller in body size.
  2. Codfish are brown or greyish with dark spots while pollock are speckled with yellow spots.
  3. The fins of codfish are white around the edges while fins of pollock fish are more pronounced.
  4. Codfish have a little bit thick tail fin while pollock fish have narrower tail fins.
  5. Cod has a light lateral line while pollock has a darker lateral line.
  6. Codfish reproduce at the age of 4 or 5 years while pollock reproduce at the age of 3 or 4 years.
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Similarities between Cod and Pollock

  1. They both live on the deeper sides of the sea.
  2. They both feed on other fish and small invertebrates.
  3. They both have nutritional value.

In Conclusion

Cod and pollock are types of fish that live in deeper parts of the sea. Their flesh is white in color and it has a lot of nutritional value. It highly contains proteins but also has other nutrients such as vitamins and other minerals.

Cod liver oil is processed from cod liver and it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is used to treat so many diseases such as heart illnesses. The main feature that makes cod to be different from pollock is the size.

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