Hawk Vs Eagle: 15 Top Differences & Similarities

Both hawks and eagles are popular prey. They live in various regions across the world. However, they come in different species and this is what makes it easier to differentiate.

What is the main difference between hawk and eagle? A hawk is a small bird of prey with a small wingspan while the eagle is a large bird of prey with a large wingspan.

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Comparison Table (Hawk vs Eagle)

Basic Terms Hawk Eagle
Definition It is a small bird of prey marked with sharp eyesight and unique hunting techniques It is a large bird of prey with long and broad wings
Number of Species 250 74
Size Relatively smaller Larger
Strength Not that strong Tend to be stronger
Feature Colors White underneath and other parts either grey or reddish-brown Golden, blackish gray or brown in color
Sound High-pitched screeching noise Subtle scream
Prey Rabbits, rats, mice, gophers, and grasshoppers Small mammals, snakes, and fish
Group Cast Convocation
Nesting Build nest on trees or rocks Build nest on tall trees or cliffs
Eggs Lay five times in a lifetime Lay two times in a lifetime
Number of Eggs and Color Two to seven eggs which are light blue or whitish with brown spots Two whitish eggs
Lifespan 15 years 30 years
Examples of Species Goshawks, sharp-shinned hawk, sparrowhawks, duck hawks, and fishhawks Philippine eagle, Steller’s sea eagle, harpy eagle, and martial eagle
Color of Beaks Black Yellow or white
Location All around the world Asia, Africa, and Europe.
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What Is a Hawk?

It is a diurnal bird of prey with a long tail and round wings. These birds have sharp eyesight and impeccable hunting technique.

The bird can grow up to eight pounds. The strong broad wings and tail enable the bird to roar for a long time.

Some of the common hawk species include Goshawks, sharp-shinned hawks, sparrowhawks, duck hawks, and fishhawks.

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What Is an Eagle?

It is a large bird of prey with long and broad wings. The bird can grow up to 18 pounds. Besides that, they have a heavier muscle body with a very strong body.

Some of the common eagle species include the Philippine eagle, Steller’s sea eagle, harpy eagle, and martial eagle.

The birds of prey are commonly found in Asia, Africa, and Europe. They mainly prey on small mammals, snakes, and fish.

Main Difference between Hawk and Eagle

  1. Eagles are stronger than hawks
  2. Hawks are comparatively smaller while eagles are larger
  3. Hawks have about 250 species whereas eagles have about 74 species
  4. Hawks produce high-pitched screeching sounds while eagles produce subtle screams.
  5. The Group of hawks is known as cast while that of eagles is known as convocation.
  6. Hawks lay eggs about five times in their lifetime while eagles lay about two times in their lifetime
  7. Hawks have black beaks while eagles have yellow or whitish beaks
  8. Hawks build a bulky nest on top of trees or rocks while eagles build a nest on top of tall trees or cliffs.
  9. Hawks lay 2-7 eggs while eagles lay two eggs
  10. Eagles have a lifespan of 30 years while hawks have a lifespan of 15 years.
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Similarities between Hawk and Eagle

  1. Both are birds of prey
  2. Both belong to the Accipitridae family
  3. Both inhabit the forest, grassland, deserts, and seacoast
  4. Both have strong and powerful claws
  5. Both females are stronger than males
  6. Both are diurnal birds.
  7. Both have feathered legs and toes
  8. Both have sharp eyesight and claws
  9. Both have similar wings and tail shape

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The key difference between hawk and eagle is that hawk is a medium-size prey bird while the eagle is a large bird of prey. Both are famous for their eyesight and hunting techniques.

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