5 Honest Difference Between Mouse Poop and Rat Poop with Similarities

What is the difference between mouse poop and rat poop?

The size and shape of poop can make you have a clue on which rodent is infesting your house. However, a small immature rat may leave behind poop that can be confused it was from a large or medium-sized rat. The poop is always cylindrical, firm, and separate.

The main difference between mouse poop and rat poo is that mouse poop is small and smooth with pointed ends while rat poop is shiny black and ½ or ¾ inch long.

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Difference Between Mouse Poop and Rat Poop

Comparison Table (Mouse Poop Vs Rat Poop)

Characteristics Mouse poop Rat poop
Size It is small in size; ¼ an inch. It is comparatively large in size; ¾ an inch.
Shape It is spindle-shaped. It is rectangular shaped.
Ends It has pointed ends. It has rounded ends.
Quantity It is usually small in amount. It is a big amount like twenty times the mouse amount.
Color It is brown in color. It is shiny black in color.

What is Mouse Poop?

One way to know that mouse has infested your house is through mouse poop in your house. The mouse normally leaves its poop on the routes that it follows.

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Mouse poop looks similar to a grain of rice about ¼ inch long. They have spindle shapes with rounded ends.

The color may vary from blackish brown to grey depending on how old is the mouse and the diet of the mouse.

Older poop will crumble when touched but fresh ones will be soft and you are advised not to touch with bare hands.

They keep their homes clean so rarely do they poop in their nests. They will only poop on the way to their nest. The amount of poop will roughly tell you how many mice have infested your house.

The poop is dangerous to human health as it may contaminate the food around and it also carries diseases that may be harmful to human health.

What is Rat Poop?

As with the rest of the rodents, you will discover that there are rats in your home when you notice the signs of their poop. They will defecate at the same point so it becomes easier to know.

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The poop is usually fairly easy to identify. They are usually found in large groupings and will be stuck to the insulation.

They are shiny black in color and around ½ an inch long. They are rectangular in shape. Their ends are blunt. They are much bigger when compared to mice poop.

The quantity of rats’ poop is large in that it is almost twenty times the amount of mouse poop. It is normally 40 to 50 droppings in a mound.

You are advised not to touch the poop with bare hands. This is because rat poop carries various diseases that can be fatal to human beings.

The rat poop can contaminate the food around while it is moving. The symptoms of contaminated food will be diarrhea and fever.

Serious diseases such as Leptospirosis can be transferred to human beings. The disease can cause kidney failure, meningitis, encephalitis, or brain tissue which can turn out to be severe.

Main Differences between Mouse Poop and Rat Poop

  1. Mouse poop is smaller in size while rats’ poop is comparatively large in size.
  2. Mouse poop is spindle-shaped while rats’ poop is rectangular in shape.
  3. Mouse poop has pointed ends while rats’ poop has blunt ends.
  4. Mouse poop is usually small in quantity while rats’ poop is large in quantity usually twenty times the mouse amount.
  5. Mouse poop is mostly brown in color while rats’ poop is mostly shiny black in color.
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Similarities between Mouse Poop and Rat Poop

  1. They both carry diseases.
  2. They both contaminate food.
  3. Both cause allergic reactions to people.
  4. In both cases thresh poop is soft while the older poop will crumble when touched.

In Conclusion

Mouse poop and rat pop are both dangerous to human health. When the poop comes in to contact with food, it may contaminate it. They both carry diseases that can be fatal to human beings. The poop is not beneficial at all so in case you spot to poop in the house, find ways of doing away with the mice or the rat.

The main feature that makes mouse poop different from the rats’ poop is the size.

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