4 Difference Between Spay and Neuter (With Table)

What is the difference between Spay and Neuter?

Spay and neuter refer to the surgical sterilization of animals. Both are practices performed on animals so that the population of the animals can be controlled.

A spay is where the ovaries and uterus of female pets are removed and this makes them not to be able to become pregnant.

Neuter is where the testicles of male pets are removed. This reduces the risk of the dog contracting cancer of the testicles.

The main difference between spay and neuter is that spay is done by removing ovaries and uterus from the female animals while neuter is where the testicles are removed from the male animals.

Difference Between Spay and Neuter

Comparison Table (Spay vs Neuter)

Characteristics Spay Neuter
Meaning It is the removal of females’ reproductive organs, either all of it or a considerable large part. It is the removal of males’ reproductive organs, part or whole.
Reasons To control birth. To control birth, increase the capacity of work, and suppress aggression.
Effects Sometimes it makes animals be more aggressive. It decreases aggression and initiates submissive behavior in animals.
Risks of diseases It reduces the risk of ovarian cancer. It reduces the risk of cancer of testicles.
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What is Spay?

A spay is when the reproductive organs of a female animal are surgically removed. The organs can be removed wholly or part of it.

Spaying in dogs results in more attachment towards the owner. Sometimes the female animal may be more aggressive.

It is done to control birth. It acts as a birth control measure in animals mostly pets. When the organs are removed there will be no breeding.

Spaying reduces the risk of diseases such as ovarian cancer, but there are few chances of urinary incontinence.

A veterinarian conducts the surgery under anesthesia to remove the uterus and ovaries. It is done through insertion in the animals’ stomach.

What is Neuter?

Neuter is a process of removing males’ reproductive organs surgically. The testicles are either removed wholly or part of it.

This makes the level of testosterone in the males. This is the hormone that is responsible for controlling males’ sexuality.

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Neutering makes the animal be incapable of reproducing. It also makes the animals to be submissive and reduces their levels of aggression.

An insertion is put in front of the scrotum and the testicles are removed. The process takes a short time and the owner of the animal may take back the animal home for rest.

It also reduces risks of diseases such as cancer of testicles hence it is a good practice on animals as the treating cost may be expensive than the removal of the organ.

Main Difference between Spay and Neuter

  1. A spay is done in females while a neuter is done in males.
  2. Spay involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries while neuter involves removal of testicles.
  3. Spay controls the birth of animals while neuter apart from controlling birth also increases the capacity of working.
  4. Spay makes animals be more aggressive while neuter makes animals be less aggressive.
  5. Spay reduces the risk of ovarian cancer while neuter reduces the risk of cancer of testicles.
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Similarities between Spay and Neuter

  1. They both involve surgical removal of reproductive organs.
  2. Both reduce the risk of cancer disease.
  3. Both control birth in animals.

In Conclusion

Spay and neuter are surgical practices that are performed on animals to control their population. When the reproductive organs are removed, they will not be able to breed hence the population will not increase.

A spay is done on female animals where the uterus and ovaries are removed while neuter is done on males where testicles are removed.

The main feature between spay and neuter is which gender the surgery is done.

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