Mink Vs Weasel: 13 Amazing Differences & Similarities

These two animals belong to the same family and this is the reason behind the close resemblance. They normally homeowners a sleepless night due to being around the chicken coop.

So, what is the main difference between weasel and mink? The weasel is a small stoat-like animal that inhabits wetlands, farmlands, grasslands, and deep forests while the mink is a relatively larger stoat-like animal that inhabits semi-aquatic areas.

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Comparison Table (Mink vs Weasel)

Basic Terms Mink Weasel
Definition It is a large stoat-like animal that inhabits semi-aquatic areas It is a small stoat-like animal that inhabits wetlands, farmlands, grasslands, and deep forest
Native Locations North America and Eurasia Alaska and Canada
Genus Neovison and Mustela Mustela
Habitat Woodland near lakes, ponds, rivers, and stream Wetlands, farmlands, deep forest, and grassy fields
Body Size and Weight Large

28 inches long and weigh 10 oz


22 inches long and weigh 3.5 lbs

Feet Partially-webbed feet Lack of webbed feet
Tail Long Not always long
Fur Color Black to brown Yellowish-brown to brown
Behavior Bite the neck of the prey Crushes of the head of the prey
Metabolism Relatively low Comparatively higher
Type of Prey Larger prey such as rabbits, snakes, and muskrats Smaller prey such as chipmunks, voles, mice, and moles
Coat Color in Winter Gain a white coat in winter Retain the black to the brown shade
Swimming Excellent swimmer Not good at swimming

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What Is a Mink?

It is a large semi-aquatic and stoat-like carnivore that inhabits North America and Eurasia. The partially-webbed feet are the key distinctive feature of the animal.

Mink can be domesticated as a pet or for commercial production of fur. For instance, American Mink is highly domesticated for fur production.

The fur of the creature is thick, silky, and black to brown in color. Besides that, they have a long and bushy tails.

What Is a Weasel?

It is a small and slender carnivorous animal that inhabits the upper Midwest north through Alaska and Canada.

The neck and belly of the creature are creamy white in color. The fur color of the animal is yellowish-brown to brown.

Besides that, the creature tends to change color during winter to camouflage the new environment. The animal can be a good pet for animal lovers.

Main Difference between Mink and Weasel

  1. Mink is a large and semi-aquatic mammal while weasel is a small and slender carnivorous mammal.
  2. Mink prefer habitats with more water while weasel prefer areas with less water
  3. Mink have webbed feet while weasels do not have web feet
  4. Mink has a long tail while weasels have a short tail
  5. Mink fur color tend to be black to brown while that of the weasel is yellowish-brown to brown
  6. Mink bite the prey around the neck while the weasel crushes the head of the prey
  7. Weasels have higher metabolism whereas mink have a comparatively low metabolism rate
  8. Mink feed on larger prey while weasels feed on smaller prey
  9. The coat color of mink change to white during winter while weasels tend to retain their color
  10. Mink are excellent swimmers while weasels do not know how to swim.

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Similarities between Mink and Weasel

  1. Both are carnivores
  2. Both have silky and waterproof fur
  3. Both have round ears
  4. Both show affinity towards water
  5. Both have an anal scent for territorial marking
  6. Both store food for future consumption
  7. Both have a bushy tail

Weasel vs Mink FAQs

Is A Mink And A Weasel The Same Thing?

Not really. But mink and weasels belong to the same family. Other relatives in the family are skunks, ferrets, otters, wolverine, and badgers.

Can A Cat Kill A Weasel?

Yes. Cats are among the main predators of weasels. If you are planning to domesticate a weasel then ensure there is no cat or dog within your home.

How Dangerous Is A Mink?

Mink tend to be dangerous to humans when they are threatened or cornered. But domesticated minks tend to be quite social to humans.

Do Minks Stink?

Yes. These creatures tend to squeal or hiss then release a scent that stinks. The anal spray tends to smell like that of the skunk.

Will A Weasel Attack A Human?

Not. These creatures are harmless. However, you need to be quite careful since they hunt in a pack. If they are threatened then they are likely to retaliate.

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The key difference between mink and weasel is that mink prefer habitats with more water while weasels prefer areas with less water.

Both are carnivores but the method of hunting is quite different. Mink hunt the prey by biting the neck and weasels by crashing the head.

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