Are Raccoons Good Pets? (Important Facts)

The world is going crazy due to changes in technology and our way of living. Most people are opting for exotic pets such as raccoons, foxes, and bearded dragons.

So, are raccoons good pets? Not really. These creatures are full of mischief due to unpredictable behavior. Besides that, the cost of maintaining them is extremely high.

Most animal experts advise against keeping raccoons as pets. They are notorious biters and quite difficult to tame.

That’s not all. These creatures have the reputation of destroying houses and other personal belongings. Their daily antics are quite different from that of other common pets.

The good news is that if you have great knowledge about raccoons then they are fascinating and funny companions.

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Why Raccoons Are the Best Pets?

Raccoons are not common pets. But there are some good reasons behind being domesticated by animal enthusiastic. Here are the possible things that make raccoons the best pets.

Offer Protection

The nocturnal trait makes raccoons a better deal as a pet. The creature tends to offer maximum protection to its owner at night against intruders.

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The intelligence enables the animal to distinguish between their owners and intruders. Hence, it is a great wild animal to domesticate as a pet.

Show Affectionate

Baby raccoons in captivity tend to form a great bond with humans. They tend to become quite cuddly and playful.

The trait makes the creatures to be the best companions for humans. Keep in mind that they are quick to bite.

Quiet Animals

Raccoons are quiet animals but they do make some sounds. If they have adequate space then be assured to have peace at night while sleeping. Coons normally create a relaxing and cozy environment for their owners.

Easy to Feed

Raccoons are omnivorous. Hence, you can easily offer them a wide variety of food. The creatures can feed on dog food, fish, eggs, and poultry.

We recommend seeking advice from a veterinarian on the quantity and variety of food that is the best.

Do Pet Raccoons Smell?

Raccoons are wild animals that are territorial. The good news is that they can be domesticated as pets.

So, do pet raccoons smell? Yes. These animals tend to release some scent as a form of communication with others.

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The scent tends to be disgusting and it is the reason make raccoons not to be quality pets for domestication.

Caging or crating the animal will make your house stink. We recommend observing a high level of hygiene when domesticating raccoons as pets.

Besides that, the scent can attract other wild raccoons to your property. Captive raccoons are easier to tame than those wild raccoons.

Too many raccoons in your backyard can result in total destruction. Other wild raccoons might kill or attack your other pets.

Lastly, raccoon feces are very foul and strong-smelling. Getting a litter box is never a good idea since the whole house will be uncomfortable.

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Is It Legal to Own a Pet Raccoon?

Raccoons are wild animals. Therefore, you need to be aware of the prevailing laws in your state before domesticating raccoons as pets.

So, is it legal to own a pet raccoon? Not really. Some states such as Arizona, Maryland, Louisiana, and Idaho are illegal. You need to be aware of your local and state law regarding breeding raccoons.

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Raccoons have unpredictable behavior and temperament. Besides that, they are quick to bit. Learn about raccoon ownership laws to avoid landing in problems with the state.

Getting a wild raccoon to raise as a pet is completely illegal. Unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

The good news is that there is numerous rehabilitator known for offering pet raccoons for sale. Pet raccoon prices range from $300 to $500.

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Final Thoughts from Expert

Are raccoons good pets? No. These wild creatures are destructive and illegal to pet. Besides that, they have unpredictable behavior and temperament.

Tamed raccoons from a reputable wildlife rehabilitator are good for domestication. They show affectionate to their owners and offer maximum protection against intruders at night.

If you are planning to domesticate a baby raccoon then you need to get a license from your local government. Taking raccoons into captives is quite illegal in many states.

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