Do Raccoons Eat Cats? (Guide for Pets Protection)

Do raccoons eat cats? Well, this is a common question tossing the mind of many cat lovers especially those living in areas with several gangs of raccoons.

A raccoon tends to have cute looking and it is the reason behind being pet by animal lovers. However, you will be required to comply with regulations regarding petting wildlife.

So, do raccoons eat cats? Yes. The wild animal is known to be the main predator of kitties. Hence, it is recommended to keep the furry friend indoors rather than outdoor to minimize the chances of exposing them to danger.

The good news is that large breed cats can rarely be eaten by wild raccoons. But these creatures can severely injure your kitty. Thus, increase the chance of contracting diseases that shorten their lifespan.

Keep in mind that raccoons are omnivores. They feed on vegetables, fruits, insects, mice, and more. When they are starving, these animals can eat anything that comes on their way.

Some of the possible dangers that raccoons can pose on your cat are the transmission of rabies, parasites, stealing food, and possibly attacking or killing.

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Do Raccoons Attack Cats?

Raccoons have some close similarities with cats in terms of hunting instincts and vision. The main difference is that raccoons are omnivores and feline are obligated carnivores.

The most wonderful thing is that cats are territorial creatures. They love marking their territory and there is a chance of meeting raccoons face to face.

So, do raccoons attack cats? Absolutely. But it depends on the prevailing situation. Starving raccoons can possibly attack cats for food. Besides that, both creatures are meat lovers and this might result in a fight.

Raccoons have exceptional hunting skills and body size gives them an advantage over domestic cats. Hence, the eruption of the fight might see raccoons as winners.

The most exciting thing is that these two creatures can be the best buddies. They can easily be trained and become good pets.

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It is worth noting that raccoons can pose a lethal danger to your pets. They carry a variety of parasites and diseases that attack pets.

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Do Raccoons Eat Cat Food

These creatures have an appealing appearance. A well-trained raccoon tends to form the best pet. The good news is that they are omnivores making it easier to feed them.

So, do raccoons eat cat food? Yes. These wild animals tend to eat almost everything. Cat food tends to be a real delicacy for raccoons.

Therefore, if you keep cat food outside the house then expect raccoons to sneak into your property. They have a strong sense of smell and they will end up finishing the food for your felines.

We recommend keeping the food inside the house and locking it up. It will help to prevent the wild animals from getting the smell.

Besides that, avoid leaving cat bowls outside since these creatures will end up licking them. Hence, it might lead to the transmission of parasites and diseases that can shorten the lifespan of your furry friends.

Identify ways on how to limit wild raccoons from accessing your backyard and pets. The destructive character can leave you regretting in the long run.

Will Raccoons Hurt Cats?

Wild raccoons are not aggressive animals but they can stalk your feline friend and hunt him down for food or protection of the space.

So, will raccoons hurt cats? Yes. These creatures can either hurt cats directly or indirectly. Biting and scratching are common forms of direct attack while transmission of parasite or disease is an indirect form.

On the other hand, raccoons are very aggressive when they feel their food source or babies are threatened. It is the reason behind the common fights between cats and raccoons.

Keep in mind that hungry raccoons can pose danger to cats, dogs, and humans. But this is on a rare occasion since there is plenty of food for raccoons.

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Lastly, an aggressive raccoon is a sign of sickness. It is good to take the necessary precaution for other pets and yourself.

Do Raccoons Eat Kittens?

Raccoons eat almost everything due to the omnivorous mode of nutrition. These wild animals feed on fruits, vegetables, mice, and other small animals in the wilderness.

So, do raccoons eat kittens? Absolutely. Raccoons are known to stalk federal kittens and hunt them for food. These wild animals tend to love meat.

If you reside in areas with several gangs of raccoons then you need to take care of your kittens regardless of their breed and age.

The best solution is to keep the kitten locked in a cage or crate inside the house. It will help protect them in case these wild creatures sneak into the house in search of food.

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Do Raccoons Eat Cat Poop?

Rabid raccoons are cute and smarter than monkeys. These wild creatures are omnivores and this implies that they can eat everything.

So, do raccoons eat cat poop? Not really. Cats are smart and tidy creatures. They love to bury their poop in the ground. But the smell can attract raccoons.

However, rabid raccoons have plenty of food in the wilderness, and in rare cases do these creatures feed on cat poop.

On the other hand, raccoon poop is quite dangerous for pets. It contains parasites that could cause lethal diseases to them.

We recommend training your kitty to feed on the cat bowl. This will help prevent the chances of eating other animal droppings in the backyard.

How to Protect Cats from Raccoons

Poisoning and trapping wild animals tend to be quite cruel. Here are tips and hacks on how to prevent raccoons from wandering in your backyard:

Keep Cats Indoors at Night

Raccoons tend to be quite active at night. It is the period they are searching for food for survival. Therefore, keep your cat and other pets indoors for safety.

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Clean the Yard

Never leave cat food or human food in the trash cans. The smell will make the wild animal hungry or curious. We recommend closing the trash bins tightly with lids to prevent intruders in the yard.

Besides that, develop the habit of keeping your trash bins and yard clean. Hence, prevent the emission of sweet scent from attracting intruders.

Secure Windows and Cracks

Raccoons are smart creatures. They can easily sneak into the house through open windows or unsealed cracks. Hence, end up attacking your kitties. It is advisable to close the windows and seal all holes around your house.

Raccoon Proofing Fence

Fencing your backyard with chicken wire and the electric line will help to keep raccoons away. The shock from the electric line will prevent the raccoon from climbing over and attack your feline friend.

Keep Trees in the Yard Trimmed

Raccoons love bushy terrain. Keeping the tree branches around the house trimmed will prevent any access by the raccoons. Also, make sure there are no edible leaves and fruits in your yard.

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Do raccoons eat cats? Yes. These wild animals are omnivores. The diet of rabid raccoons is full of vegetables, fruits, small rodents, and even cats.

These creatures have a huge body size and they tend to be aggressive when feeling threatened. They can attack humans and pets.

Also, they tend to be quite active at night. They have a strong sense of smell and this helps them when searching for food.

Keep in mind that they are good in the transmission of parasites and lethal diseases to domesticated animals. The best way is to develop methods on how to prevent raccoons from accessing your yard.

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