Are Raccoons Dangerous? (A Must Read Guide)

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals and they belong to the procyonid family. These animals live in woodlands near water sources.

That’s not all. These wild animals have become reliant on humans for food. It is the reason behind the great nuisance in the urban environment.

So, are raccoons dangerous? No. These animals are shy and prefer to retreat when they sense humans nearby.

However, raccoons tend to be aggressive if they feel threatened. Wild animals can attack cats, dogs, and even human beings.

You need to exercise extra caution when you encounter raccoons in the house and backyard. We recommend contacting companies that perform raccoon removal services.

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Why Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons are harmless animals. But it is not advisable to approach the animal since they have unpredictable behavior.

Here are the reasons why:

Carry Rabies

These wild animals are the primary carrier of the rabies virus in the United States of America. The virus is infectious and can even cause death among humans or pets.

We recommend seeking immediate medical assistance if you are bitten by a rabid raccoon. The treatment will help to combat the spread of the virus among family members or pets.

Cause Damage

Raccoons have sharp claws. If they get access to your property then they can damage the structure of your house. Besides that, they can destroy your lawn when digging to find earthworms and grubs.

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Unpredictable Behavior

Raccoons are shy but they become aggressive when threaten. The sharp teeth and claws can cause serious injuries. Research shows that raccoons are more aggressive to pets than humans.

Touching their Cubs

Raccoons are protective and formidable creatures. Female raccoons tend to offer maximum protection to their young ones. Coming close to the nursery will make them aggressive and ready to attack.

Are Raccoons Dangerous to Dogs?

Most Americans have opted for exotic pets. The raccoon is one of the wild animals being bred as a pet in many homes. Thanks to the adorable fur and fuzzy ears.

So, are raccoons dangerous to dogs? No. But this depends on the size of the dog. Large dog breeds can pose a big threat to raccoons.

Raccoons are harmless and always retreat when they encounter giant dog breeds. However, they can face off with a small dog breed.

On the other hand, raccoons tend to attack dogs especially if they are cornered. It is a defense mechanism that enables them to run.

Also, the close association of your dog with raccoons will lead to the transmission of diseases. Coons are known to carry rabies that is highly infectious and tend to harm dogs.

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Are Raccoons Dangerous to Cats?

The best way to raise healthy and happy cats is to keep them indoors. Research shows that the outdoor expose the kittens to many dangers like predators, diseases, and more things.

So, are raccoons dangerous to cats? Absolutely. Raccoons poses threat to kitties of all breeds and ages. Besides that, there are many hidden dangers which these animals can pose to cats.

Raccoons are lethal to cats and kittens. Not only do the creatures attack cats but also carry parasites and diseases that can harm your kitties.

Coons are larger than cats and they can outshine your feline in case of a fight. You need to seal holes and close the windows of the house. Raccoons are stubborn intruders especially when hungry.

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Are Raccoons Dangerous to Humans?

Raccoons tend to avoid larger animals. Coons always prefer to retreat in case they encounter or sense human beings nearby.

So, are raccoons dangerous to humans? Yes. These creatures tend to carry rabies and other diseases that are harmful to humans.

Besides that, coons can attack humans if they feel threatened. The aggressiveness enables them to find a way out of the human path.

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Are raccoons scared of humans? Yes. Human beings are larger than coons. Research shows that coons are shy of larger animals. However, raccoons can easily kill your pets.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Elimination of raccoons in the attic or anywhere else on the property is a difficult task. Aggressiveness and rabies can pose a great danger to humans and their pets.

You need to be extra careful when approaching these wild animals. They prefer hiding in people’s houses when nursing their babies.

The safest method of getting rid of coons on your property is calling a company responsible for raccoon removal.

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Raccoons are shy and harmless mammals. They tend to retreat when encountering larger animals on their way.

However, raccoons can be aggressive when cornered. This is a defense mechanism and keep in mind that coons can attack humans and their pets.

The good news is that there are numerous raccoon control professionals across the United States of America. They can help get rid of raccoons in the attic or anywhere on your property.

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