13 Difference Between Dog and Cat (With Table)

What is the difference between Dog and Cat?

Dogs and cats are the most common pet in the world. Cats are independent while dogs require much attention and exercise.

Both dogs and cats are known for their excellent hunting skills. Although the way the hunt is very different.

The main difference between dogs and cats is that dogs bark, growl or howl while cat meows or snarls.

Difference Between Dog and Cat

Comparison Table (Dog vs Cat)

Characteristics Dog Cat
Classification It belongs to the Canidae family. It belongs to the Felidae family.
Speed They can run at between 25 to 45 mph. They can run at 30mph.
Appearance They have pointed, flopped, or pricked ears; they have fur which comes in different colors depending on the breed. They vary in color; they have scent glands on the dock of their tails, bottom of their ears, and noses.
Housetraining They are easily trained to scratch at the door to go potty. Easily trained to use the litter box.
Human language They learn their name and can be trained easily. They respond to a pleasant high-pitched voice.
Walks They should be taken for a walk 3 times a day. Some like being taken for a walk but most of them don’t.
Energy It depends on the breed. They are generally lazy.
Good with children It depends on the breed. Most cats are not good with children as they may scratch them.
Protection They offer protection to everyone. They only protect you if they love you.
Affection They only love you if you treat them well. They love you on their own.
Social They live in groups. They are solitary animals.
What they feed on They can be omnivores. They are specifically carnivores.
Life span They live between 12 to 18 years. They live between 12 to 25 years.
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What is a Dog?

The dog is an animal that belongs to the family Canidae. It is a domesticated wolf. They descended from an ancient extinct wolf. They are found all over the world.

They are kept as pets although many breeds have the capability of surviving on their own. The size of the dog depends on the breed. There are small breeds and large breeds.

They have five senses like humans but their sense of smell is highly developed in that they can smell even something that is hidden underground.

There are two varieties of coats for dogs; double coat with dogs originating from colder areas or single with the topcoat only for the dogs in hot places.

Different dogs possess different shapes of tails. They can be straight, sickle, curled, or corkscrew. The main function of the tail is to communicate the emotional state of the dog.

Their gestation period is between 58 to 68 days. They give birth to average of 6 puppies in a litter.

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They are majorly carnivores but sometimes they may feed on plant matter hence they can sometimes become omnivores.

What is A Cat?

Cat is an animal in the Felidae family. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae. It is referred to as a domestic cat in order for it to be distinguished from other cat members.

They are kept by humans as pets. Some are kept for the purpose of companionship and to hunt for rodents from the house.

They have strong flexible bodies, sharp teeth, retractable claws adapted for killing small prey. They have well-developed night vision and a sense of smell.

They are solitary hunters but they are social species. They communicate through meowing, hissing, or growling. Sometimes they may have body language.

They reproduce during the spring to late summer seasons. Their litter often ranges from 2 to 5 kittens. They may reproduce as many times as often hence the reproduction needs to be controlled.

They are mainly carnivores. They entirely depend on meat for survival. They hunt for small birds and rodents.

They are affectionate and they create a bond between them and their owners. Although they are not good with children, they are good with older humans.

Main Differences between Dog and Cat

  1. Dogs belong to the Canidae family while cats belong to the Felidae family.
  2. Dogs can sometimes be omnivores while cats are typical carnivores.
  3. Dogs hunt in groups while cats hunt solitarily.
  4. Dogs only love you if you treat them well while cats love you on their own.
  5. Dogs offer protection to everyone while cats only offer protection to the ones they love.
  6. Dogs are good with children depending on the breed while cats are not good with children as they may easily scratch them.
  7. Dogs are energetic depending on the breed while cats are generally lazy.
  8. The dog needs to be taken for a walk three times a day while cats may not need to be taken for a walk at all or once a day.
  9. Dogs learn their name and can be easily trained while cats respond to pleasant high-pitched voices.
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Similarities between Dog and Cat

  1. They both have territorial instincts.
  2. They have a similar ancestral line.
  3. They both offer health benefits to the owners.
  4. Both have the ability to survive in the wild.
  5. They both have the ability to form strong and meaningful bonds with their owners.
  6. Both can pant to reduce their temperature.

In Conclusion

Dogs and cats share some characteristics but they are different from each other. They both have the same ancestral line hence many things in common.

Dogs belong to the family Canidae while cats belong to the family Felidae. This creates a difference between them.

The main feature that makes dogs different from cats is the classification.

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