10 Difference between Pug and Bulldog (With Table)

Pug and bulldog are dog pets that are loved by many people all over the world due to their lovable and playful behavior.

The breeds are both companion dog breeds. They both have a short snout and are known as brachycephalic breeds.

They have a challenge in regulating their body temperature and can get heatstroke hence the owners need to treat the pets in a special way.

Both are low energy breeds and they need a little exercise. They are popular in cities and they enjoy life as apartment dogs.

So, what is the main difference between pug and bulldog? Pug is smaller and has a round head while bulldog is comparatively larger and has a broad, square-shaped head.

To learn more about the differences and similarities between pug and bulldog, read through this article.

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Difference between Pug and Bulldog

Comparison Table (Pug vs. Bulldog)

Basic TermPugBulldog
SizeThey are smaller in body size.They are comparatively large in body size.
HeadThey have a round heads.They have a broad, square-shaped heads.
OriginThey originated in China.They originated in British Isle.
WeightThey weigh between 6 to 8kg.They weigh between 18 to 22 kg.
Lower jawThe lower jaw is not prominent.They have a prognathic and very prominent lower jaw.
EyesThey have large round eyes.They have medium-sized round eyes.
UsesThey are good companions.They are good fighters and companions.
Coat colorsThe coat colors include; fawn, silver, apricot, or black.Coat colors include; white, red, brindle, fawn, and piebald.
TrainingIt is challenging to trainThey need moderate training.
LifespanThey live between 13 to 15 years.They live between 10 to 12 years.

What is a Pug?

Pug originated in China and it was exclusively bred for a companion. They are small in body size and they weigh between 6 to 8 kg.

Their coat is very fine, glossy, and short. The coat comes in various colors such as fawn, apricot, silver, and black.

They have stout, compact, and heavily build bodies. They have large and round heads with prominent forehead wrinkles.

Their eyes are dark, shallow, and very wide. The tail is curly and rests tightly over the hip joint. They have straight and moderate-length legs.

They go well with children as they are lovable, playful, independent, and stable. It cannot tolerate hot weather as they are not able to cool down their bodies.

They live longer because of their body size as they are not susceptible to many forms of ailments.

What is a Bulldog?

Bulldog originated in British Isle. It was developed for the purpose of bull-baiting. It has build companionship with humans and it has become the most popular dog breed.

They weigh between 18 to 20 kg. Their coat is flat, glossy, and short. Their hairs are fine and the coat color ranges from white, red, brindle, fawn, and piebald.

They have medium-sized bodies with broad and square heads. Their muscles are short with broad noses. They have large flews and overhang lower jaws.

Wrinkles are very prominent on the head and face. The lower jaw is very prominent. They have rounded dark, front-facing, and medium-sized eyes.

They have wide, high-set, and thin-layered ears. The neck is short and muscular. They have broad elbows and are located away from the chest.

It is kind, gentle with family members and children, gentle with other pets. They do not like extreme temperatures hence recommended as house dogs.

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Main Difference between Pug and Bulldog

  1. Pug is smaller in body size while bulldog is comparatively larger.
  2. Pug has a round head while bulldog has a broad and square-shaped head.
  3. Pug originated in China while bulldog originated in British Isle.
  4. The lower jaw is not prominent in pug while the lower jaw is prominent in bulldog.
  5. Pug has large round eyes while bulldog has medium-sized round eyes.
  6. Pug is used as a companion while bulldog is used as a fighter and companion.
  7. Pugs’ coat colors are fawn, silver, apricot, and black while bulldog coat colors are white, red, brindle, fawn, and piebald.

Similarities between Pug and Bulldog

  1. Both are bred for companions.
  2. Both do not tolerate extreme temperatures.
  3. Both need a little exercise.
  4. Both have round eyes.
  5. Both have short snouts.
  6. Both are popular in cities and enjoy life in apartments.


Pug and bulldogs were both bred as companion dogs. They both have short snouts and they do not know how to regulate their body temperatures hence they should not be kept where temperatures are extreme.

The main difference between pug and bulldog is that pug is small and has a round head while bulldog is comparatively larger and has a broad and square-shaped head.

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